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Policies & Procedures

ExtrOdinary Solutions, LLC

Cancelation Policy

Our schedules can be changed at any time due to staff/worker illness, severe weather conditions, or client gain or loss.  We ask that clients work with this change when needed.

A client cancelation policy will include: Last minute cancelations will be charged ½ of the time to client.  There will not be a cancelation charge if that time is rescheduled in a timely manner or under extenuating circumstances.


If client’s worker is scheduled for a 2-hour shift and the client cancels, the client is responsible for paying 1 hour of the canceled time.

Pricing/Payment Policy

Starting in 2021, all services will be billed at $26.00 an hour.  ExtrOdinary Solutions is still lower than their competitors.

Payment is due by the last day of service of the month for private pay clients.

Private Pay

Private pay is available for any client including clients that would like additional hours than provided by the Veteran Affairs.  All of our services are available for private paying clients.

Veteran Affairs

A reminder that we are care workers that perform light housekeeping, make meals, companion care, errands, and transportation.  A client that falls will be helped up, however, if a client falls and becomes injured, 911 or a family member will be called, based on the fall.

Service Policy

ExtrOdinary Solutions, LLC offers several services to its clients.  However, we cannot help with bathing or restroom needs and we cannot lift or physically transport clients, as we are not trained in these areas.  We also do not clean litter boxes or climb ladders.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have with our policies.

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